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Adrian Bayley was on parole when Jill Meagher was 




Adrian Bayley leaves court today.
Adrian Bayley leaves court today. Source:News Limited
Adrian Bayley leaves court today.
 Jill Meagher.
ADRIAN Ernest Bayley was a "sexual predator" who was on parole when he attacked ABC employee Jill Meagher, the Victorian Supreme Court has heard.
Bayley, 41, pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Ms Meagher, 29, who was attacked in a Brunswick lane on September 22.
In his opening during Bayley's plea hearing this morning, Chief Crown prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, described the Coburg man as a predator.
Mr Silbert outlined the facts and circumstances of the case, describing how Ms Meagher visited several bars before Bayley accosted her about 550m from her home while walking alone.
Mr Silbert told Justice Geoffrey Nettle that Bayley first appeared "overly confident and cocky" during his record of interview but his demeanour changed as detectives continued to put damning evidence to him.
At one point Bayley was snivelling and breathing heavily as the interview continued until he appeared broken with the body language of a guilty man, the court was told.
Mr Silbert told the court Bayley had spent two previous stints in jail for multiple rape offences and been granted parole.
He was also on appeal bail for a recklessly causing serious injury conviction at the time he attacked Ms Meagher, the court was told.
Defence counsel Saul Holt, SC, told Justice Nettle that while a term of life imprisonment was open to him, he should hand down a minimum term to offer the remorseful and self-loathing Bayley some hope to rehabilitate.
Psychologist Professor James Ogloff told the hearing that Bayley, who claimed he was sexually abused by a female at a younger age, enjoyed exhibiting power over female victims.
Prof Ogloff said Bayley, who tried to commit suicide with a tin lid while in custody last October, was remorseful - but his prognosis for reform was "very dark".
When Mr Silbert suggested that Bayley was a sexual predator, Prof Ogloff agreed.
Prof Ogloff also agreed that Bayley was a "calculating and manipulative man".
Mr Silbert told Justice Nettle that it was the Crown contention that Bayley killed Ms Meagher because he knew he would face a long jail term for raping her.
Mr Holt said that was in dispute.
He said that, based on Bayley's account of the crime to Prof Ogloff, Bayley flew into a fit of rage after Ms Meagher attacked him following the rape.

Jill's final moments

Court releases a series of CCTV recordings that show Jill Meagher, and her accused killer Adrian Bayley, at various locations on the night ...
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He said Ms Meagher had also threatened to tell police.
Mr Holt said Bayley's response was a "rage-based response" rather than a rational one.
In a letter of apology read out in court, Bayley said he was genuinely sorry and couldn't imagine the grief he had caused.
Bayley said he was not seeking forgiveness.
Mr Silbert said the Crown disputed any suggestion of remorse, saying that Bayley only confessed to detectives after he was "backed into a corner" by the evidence.
Jill's husband (Tom Meagher, above right), father, George McKeon (above left) and mother of Ms Meagher gave victim impact statements during Bayley's plea hearing.
Jill's father read his victim impact statement to the court.
"It is just not okay to rape and murder my child," Mr McKeon said.
He explained how his daughter had helped him through a stroke in September 2012 not long before her death - and had urged him to live so her eventual children could have a young grandfather to run around with.
 Jill Meagher?s father, George McKeon, and her husband, Tom Meagher (right) arrive at court today.
Source: News Limited
He lamented the fact he would never see his daughter have children.
"My wife of 30 years will never be a maternal grandmother," he read, bravely.
Ms Meagher's mother, Edith, was ill, and could not attend court today.
Her statement was read out in court.
She recounted how Jill had met husband Tom back in Ireland after their family had moved to "the wonderful country" of Australia in 1990 when Jill was seven.
Jill and Tom had chosen to live in Melbourne for the great lifestyle it offered.
Tom Meagher's statement was also read out for him.
He recalled how he met Jill and mentioned her fun and adventurous spirit and zest for life.
Tom described Jill as his best friend and his entire world.
 Adrian Bayley Plea hearing at the Supreme Court
Source: News Limited
Ms Meagher's work manager read out a statement on behalf of Jill's ABC colleagues and described her as a trusted colleague and friend and a trusting and loved person.
CCTV footage of Ms Meagher's last minutes as she walked home along Sydney Road, Brunswick, the night she was raped and killed were played to Justice Nettle by Mr Silbert during his opening this morning.
Mr Silbert then outlined the facts and circumstances of the events surrounding the rape and murder of Ms Meagher.
Justice Nettle will sentence Bayley, pictured above leaving court today, next Wednesday.
What we know
Saturday, September 22, 2012
  • 1.30am: Jill Meagher leaves Bar Etiquette in Sydney Rd, Brunswick, in Melbourne's inner-north to walk home. CCTV from the Dutchess Boutique captures both Ms Meagher and Adrian Bayley walking past.
  • 1.38am: Bayley allegedly grabs Ms Meagher and drags her into a nearby laneway off Hope St.
  • 1.40am – 1.45am: Neighbours hear a woman yelling from laneway. After a few minutes the yelling stops.
  • 2am: Tom Meagher tries calling his wife's mobile phone.
  • 4am: Mr Meagher leaves his home in Lux Way – not far from the scene - to go and look for his wife.
  • 4.22am: It is alleged that having gone home to Coburg in Melbourne's northern suburbs for a shovel, Bayley returns in his white Holden Astra.
  • 4.26am: Car allegedly drives off with Ms Meagher's body in the boot.
  • 6am: After continuing to call his wife's phone all night without luck, Mr Meagher reports her missing.
Sunday, September 23
  • 12.30pm: A Facebook page is set up in the hope somebody saw Ms Meagher.
  • 3.15pm: Police release public call for information about Ms Meagher's disappearance.
Monday, September 24
  • 6.30am: Ms Meagher's handbag found in lane off Hope St. Police believe it was planted the day before.
  • 8.50am: Homicide squad takes over the case.
  • 1.45pm: Forensic officers recover evidence from the lane way. Detectives interview Mr Meagher.
Tuesday, September 25
  • 12.30pm: Forensic police search the Meagher home and take away their car and bags of items for testing.
  • 3.55pm: Police release footage from the Dutchess Boutique of Ms Meagher and a man in a blue hoodie.
  • 6.15pm: Police return to the Meagher home and search again.
Thursday, September 27
  • 2.30pm: Bayley arrested in Coburg.
  • 3.58pm: Police interview with Bayley begins.
  • 10pm: Interview suspended while police travel to a site allegedly nominated by Bayley.
Friday, September 28
  • 3am: Bayley remanded at an out-of-sessions hearing after being charged with murder.
  • 4am: Ms Meagher's body is taken away by coronial staff after being recovered from a shallow grave at the side of Black Hill Rd in Gisborne South, north of Melbourne.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
  • 4.30pm: Bayley pleads not guilty to the single count of murder and two of the three counts of rape he was facing.

Jill's final moments

Court releases a series of CCTV recordings that show Jill Meagher, and her accused killer Adrian Bayley, at various locations on the night ...
0:00 / 11:34

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