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Cycling Melbourne CBD motorists fuming over congestion on Princes Bridge Herald Sun June 19th & 20th 2013

Bike Lane Starts on City Bridge

Princes Bridge, Melbourne CBD

“About 34,000 Motorists, 31,000 Pedestrians and 5500 Cyclists use the (Princes) Bridge each day.”

Michelle Ainsworth, Herald Sun, June 19th 2013 *

* (nb. the Herald Sun jpeg is dated inaccurately in pen. PD)

City motorists fuming over congestion on Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge Traffic
Vacant: The new bike lane. Picture: Jay Town Source: Herald Sun
OUTRAGED motorists resorted to driving through the new Princes Bridge bike lane yesterday to skirt the snarling traffic queue.
Peak-hour drivers were frustrated by the debut of the single-lane corridor as city-bound vehicles were forced into a bottleneck as they crawled across the bridge.
Electrician Dwayne Cottom said he would avoid the route altogether after his usual journey time was tripled by the congestion.
"I was pretty shocked about it, it's a bit stupid," Mr Cottom said.
"I'll try another route next time, even through Kings Way, even though that's a bit of a dog's breakfast.
"I went through Princes Bridge yesterday and it took me five minutes from the Arts Centre to Flinders St, but today it took me 15 minutes."
Scooter rider Anthony van der Craats, who monitored the traffic in the changed conditions today, said Melbourne City Council was "engineering congestion".


"It's going to add significantly to my travel time and if I have to find an alternative route, it's going to add 20 minutes to my journey," the South Yarra man said.
But Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, who often times his commute to work, claimed the drive took only one minute longer than usual.
Bicycle Network's Craig Richards said cyclists' feedback has been positive.
"The feedback we have received from riders is that they were very happy with the new lane and that traffic was not delayed alarmingly."
RACV general manager of public policy, Brian Negus, said the bike path was plagued with design flaws that neglected pedestrians and motorists.
"The current arrangement is increasing congestion for motorists, which is unacceptable and these sorts of delays will not make the motoring public happy," Mr Negus said.
He said the council should have fixed the current shared paths, removed the obstacles, created clear line markings for pedestrians and provided areas for cyclists to mount and dismount.
City of Melbourne spokeswoman Irene Vlahos said the council wouldcontinue to observe the operation of the bridge over the next three months.
"Early observations ... tell us that road users are responding well to the changes," Ms Vlahos said.
"Vehicles are queuing and merging well."
-  With Jessica Evans

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June 24th 2013

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