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Pedestrians Walking Mobile Phones IPads IPods Warning over texting danger for pedestrians on roads Herald Sun March 12th 2013

Pedestrian Distraction: Don't let life get in the way!

Warning over texting danger for pedestrians on roads

harold scruby
Harold Scruby says he will approach  the Transport Accident Commission to help fund an advertising campaign on texting.  Picture: Dave Swift Source: News Limited
IT is the text message that could spell the difference between life or death - or at least serious injury.
Melburnians are gambling with their lives by walking and texting in front of traffic and trams, police and road safety groups say.
The Herald Sun photographed seven people in just a couple of hours in the CBD this week engrossed in their phones as they crossed city streets.
The nation's peak pedestrian group is so concerned it wants to run a national public awareness campaign to warn people of the dangers of tuning out.
Pedestrian Council of Australia chairman Harold Scruby said he would approach the Transport Accident Commission to help fund the advertising campaign after it was trialled in NSW.
"It's a modern day phenomenon but there's not a lot of data, police and researchers haven't caught up,'' he said.
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"It's one of the most significant and important road safety issues that we face at the moment. People are just in la la land listening to music or texting and are not focussing on what’s happening around them.''
He said it should be mandatory for police investigating pedestrian death or injuries to question whether the victim was using a mobile device.
"People are often likely hide the evidence because they don't want to be seen as culpable,'' he said.
"Until we get the data, authorities aren’t going to spend enough money preventing this kind of trauma. There should be higher penalties for this as well.’’
A US study published last year in the journal Injury Prevention found nearly one in three people was distracted while crossing the road, mostly by their mobile phone.
Victorian police last week fined 432 people in a blitz targeting jaywalkers last week, after concerns about a jump in collisions involving pedestrians.
The two-day operation, Don't Do Your Dash, targeted the city's busiest intersections, with police issuing $70 on-the-spot fines worth $30,240.
A police spokeswoman said many of the offenders were wearing headphones.
Last financial year, police fined 5412 pedestrians for offences including failing to obey traffic lights, amounting to $378,840.
Yarra Trams spokesman Simon Murphy said tram drivers encountered many near misses, forced to hit the emergency break and risk passenger falls and injuries.
He said there had been one collision involving a pedestrian this year so far.
"Yarra Trams' Beware the Rhino campaign was successful in reducing the number of pedestrian to tram collisions from 49 in 2011 to 36 in 2012,'' he said.
TAC Acting CEO Clare Amies said using a mobile phone effectively rendered people blind on the roads.
“This is a concern for vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians who face a high risk of trauma if their inattention on our roads results in them being hit by a car, motorcycle or bicycle.
“Road trauma causes great pain and heartbreak to Victorians who have family and friends killed or injured in road crashes – and places a huge burden on our entire
“All road users need to concentrate 100 per cent of the time.”

Pedestrian was a danger to herself
Herald Sun Your Say

Julia Butters, Altona North
April 2013

"Never walk out onto a road from between two parked vehicles"

"Failing to give way was the cause of many collisions involving pedestrians... 

Many motor vehicle collisions with pedestrians are the fault of the pedestrians, not the drivers"

Street Watch
Moreland Leader
July 15th 2013

Street Watch
Moreland Leader
July 15th 2013

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