Friday, March 29, 2013

Cycling Bike Lights Alert April 7th 2013 Daylight Saving End Time Shift Alert on Visibility Stonnington Leader

"Bike riders are almost impossible to see at night 

unless they are fitted out with appropriate lights."

Officer in charge of the Melbourne West Bike Patrol, Leading Senior Constable Roy Brandi.

Sen Const Brandi warned people who have only recently taken up cycling

"to work to ensure their bikes are fit with regulation front and rear lights."

Time shift alert on visibility

Cyclist Joe Astbury. Picture: N40MC301
Cyclist Joe Astbury. Picture: N40MC301
THE end of daylight saving on Sunday has prompted a warning for cyclists to ensure they are visible on our roads.
RoadSafe Inner South East chairman Sen-Sgt Hans Harms said cyclists could reduce the risk of accidents by buying good-quality lights, bells and high-visibility clothing.
“Drivers can assist cyclists by checking and checking again to ensure that there are no cyclists nearby, particularly on roads with bicycle lanes,” Sen-Sgt Harms said.
Cyclist Joe Astbury, who takes all the safety precautions, said it was usually hardest to see cyclists at dusk and dawn.
“That is the most dangerous time,” Mr Astbury said. “It is not light and it is not dark.”
Road safety advocate Pete Dowe said a cyclist without lights could easily go unnoticed by a motorist. “You’d be mad to not have a set of bike lights in Melbourne with its ‘four seasons in one day’ causing reduced visibility at any given time,” Mr Dowe said.

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