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Civil Liability & Personal Responsibility Acts obligate NTC to Regulate Bunch Riding because itbreaches Regulation 126 and may also breach Regulation 151
Bunch Riders are flagrantly breaching Regulation 126 of the Australian Road Rules and may also be breaching sub-clause (1) or (2) of Regulation 151 "Riding a motor bike or bicycle alongside more than 1 other rider", thereby possibly jeopardising any public liability insurance cover that they may want to rely on because public liability insurers, hereinafter Insurers, might deny liability to a negligent Bunch Rider(s) if a Bunch Rider(s) was breaking a road rule when its negligence caused a serious trauma injury to a third party
*           are intended for Invitees to accept greater personal responsibility; and
*           provide limited scope for an injured Bunch Rider(s) to seek recourse due to negligence by another Bunch Rider(s)
Due to -
*           Hazards To Bunch Riders 
*           Comments By Seasoned Bunch Riders
*           Regulation 126
the Australian Road Rules need to regulate New Road Rules For Bunch Riders that stipulate -
*           required distance behind a bicycle ahead in a 
Bunch Ride depending on speed and gradient,
*           maximum number of riders in a 
Bunch Ride and
*           maximum cycling speed in a 
Bunch Ride,
based on mathematical calculations to determine Distance To Brake To Stop and Time To Brake To Stop in order to -
1.         materially reduce Avoidable Trauma Bicycle Accidents -
            *         appearing at hospital Emergency Departments; or
            *         being admitted to hospital spinal wards; and
2.         identify what constitutes Dangerous Cycling and Reckless Cycling to provide public liability 'Insurers' and 'Insured Parties' with a higher level of certainty that an insurance claim will be accepted by the Insurer
   4.       Popularity of Bunch Riding explains why cycling fast in a bunch appeals to some cyclists who enjoy the 'adrenaline rush' from travelling fast in a Peloton that is being'sucked along' by the inertia of the cumulative mass under diminished air pressure.  Whereas other cyclists prefer to 'break their own wind' climbing steep hills.  These vastly different 'drivers' are influenced by the landscape (ie. Sydney has a plethora of nearby hills which enables cyclists to ride hills accessible to them, whereas hills in Melbourne are further away with the closest in The Dandenongs).  Hazards To Bunch Riders identifies that each of these two distinct types of Bunch Riding involve different types of Hazards.
   5.       Beach Road has become a Mecca for Bunch Riding in Melb. including lots of photos, newspaper articles & blogs from some seasoned cyclists and some chilling You-Tubes which show flagrant breaches of the Vic Road Rules along Beach Rd.
   6.       Bunch Riding contains a recommendation from aboc cycle coaching, Vic that Bunch Rides be limited to 15 riders, as well as providing several pics of Bunch Rides.
 11a.      Two examples of health system costs from a bicycle hitting another bicycle on 'open roads' with Muggaccinos' cyclists that do not Bunch Ride explains that the health system costs, and also forgone productivity during rehab, from simple trauma bicycle accidents are sometimes not small.  
 11b.      Two other examples of large health system costs from a cyclist experiencing a trauma fall on 'open roads' amongst Muggaccinos' cyclists that do not Bunch Ride explains that the health system costs, and also forgone productivity during rehab, from simple trauma bicycle accidents are occasionally not small.  
 12.       Two current research studies of road bicycle accidents mention separate bicycle accident studies presently being conducted by Monash Uni and UNSW.  The Writer does not know if these studies have identified that Bunch Riders breach Regulation 126 “Keeping a safe distance behind vehicles” of the Australian Road Rules - Feb 12 which obligates “A Driver (which includes a bicycle Rider) must drive a sufficient distance behind a vehicle (a bicycle is a vehicle) travelling in front of the Driver so the Driver can, if necessary, stop safely to avoid a collision with the vehicle ahead” - as calculated in Section 4 “Crash Avoidance Space” of the RTA Road User Handbook, and occasionally also breach Regulation 151 "Riding a motor bike or bicycle alongside more than 1 other rider".
  14.       Bunch Riding On Australian Roads Is Illegal explains that Bunch Riding is illegal under the Australian Road Rules and, in the case of NSW where the Writer lives, the NSW Road Rules 2008.
  17.       Civil Liabilities Acts 2002 explains that Inviters/Organisers of a Recreational Activity which involves a Risk Of Harm are legally required to Provide A Risk Warning toInvitees/Participants which sets out any/all of the Three Types Of Risks of Harm Sufferable under tort laws passed in Australian states and territories in 2002 circa
  18.      Bunch Riders have a legal responsibility to other riders in the Bunch Ride provides verbal risk warnings and/or physical risk warning signals of upcoming of Hazards thatBunch Riders need to provide to Bunch Riders 'down the line'.  Alerting other Bunch Rider 'down the line' of Hazards ahead is a prerequisite protocol to riding in most organised Bunch Rides.

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