Monday, February 11, 2013

Cycling Bike Lights Public Liability Bicycle Victoria's Reckless Advocacy Negligence Focus on Increasing/ Encouraging Cycling "Participation" may be Negligent Victoria's Cycling Strategy

When I say Bicycle Victoria/ Bicycle Network Victoria/ Bicycle Network recklessly advocates in a way that

makes cyclists much more likely to be killed and seriously injured

by opposing law enforcement of Cyclists’ legal responsibility for their own safety, 

i.e to have a roadworthy bike

the bike lights law non-compliance is exactly what I’m talking about.

Bicycle Victoria advocates in a way which keeps cyclists in the dark 

Bicycle Victoria knew in 2002 of the likely fatal hazard of riding without lights

"Five cyclists killed in the last two years were riding in poor light conditions without lights or bright clothing." 

Bicycle Victoria's Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria (2002)

In 2008 Bicycle Victoria knew the extent of Cyclists' risky behaviour and its serious consequences for cyclists.

Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber was Spokesperson for the National Light Up! Campaign 2008
a voluntary compliance bike lights law campaign

Its survey of cyclists riding at night found
             that well over a third of Melbourne Riders 41% did not have a legally required set of lights
       and over a fifth of cyclists 22% had no lights.

Its Media Release stated:

“Fatalities in night time or semi-darkness often involve riders without lights or adequate lighting”
Yet knowing of this large bikes lights law non-compliance problem

Bicycle Victoria/ Bicycle Network Victoria remains opposed to law enforcement capability/ 

identification of cyclists 

and law enforcement.

Bicycle Victoria hypocritically lobbied to increase the penalty for not having a set of bike lights,

while it continues to oppose the enforcement on the roads

of these and other cyclists’ safety regulations.

Instead Bicycle Victoria wants Victoria Police Law Enforcement Officers

to hand out bike lights and ask cyclists nicely "to please put them on"

"...Police visited the Upfield Bike Path at Albert Street, Brunswick one evening recently...

50 sets of lights were provided to intercepted bikes riding without lights after dark. 
No fines were issued..."

Moreland City News/ Moreland Leader June 3rd 2013

Furthermore Bicycle Victoria/ Bicycle Network Victoria’s opposition to law enforcement

along with CycleSport Victoria, Amy Gillett Foundation and Beach Road Cyclists has pressured

Government to do nothing on cyclists’ identification 

with a filibuster of inaction comprised of baseless assertions of no road safety value such as 

i.e. It’s all too hard, administrative nightmare, preclusive costs, tax on transport, disincentive to cycling, refuse to be identifiable till pedestrians are required to carry id, law enforcement punishes cyclists,

cyclists can’t do any harm, only a ‘few’ break the law, London City Council has not identified cyclists, some people may not have a drivers licence,

education alone will modify behaviour, how will you identify minors and who will pay for it? ‘Better enforcement’ ‘proper policing of red-light offences’ not better identification

None of these so called reasons can stand scrutiny..
"We are asking for Police bike patrols across Australia to help us encourage everyone who rides at night to have working lights"

Harry Barber CEO Bicycle Victoria

Really? You could enable Police to enforce the Law, Mr Barber?

While Bicycle Victoria/ Bicycle Network Victoria claims that law enforcement punishes cyclists 

surely it is Bicycle Victoria which punishes cyclists with its doubletalk 

and blocking of cyclists identification/law enforcement capability. 

A Bike Lobby which advocates in a way which keeps cyclists in the dark 

and in great risk of preventable death and serious injury.

This reckless, irresponsible advocacy/ promotion of cycling must have public and civil liability issues.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

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