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Cycling Bicycle Victoria How cyclists can help themselves Report into Cycle Deaths 2002 #cyclingstrategy #victoria focus on increasing/ encouraging cycling #participation may be #negligent inadequate #cyclinginfrastructure

Bicycle Victoria Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria 2002


How cyclists can help themselves

Select your route for safety especially on high-speed routes or in poor weather conditions.

  • In poor light or weather or on high-speed roads it is sensible to choose a route and position on the road that leaves more room for error on the part of yourself and motorists. Look for a route with a bike lane, sealed shoulder or wide kerbside lane if training in the early morning or late evening.

Obey the road rules

  • Breaking the law, especially running red lights, is dangerous to yourself and others. Three cyclists were killed in the last two years after running a red light or stop sign.

Make yourself as visible as possible – use tail lights, headlight and reflective and/or bright clothing

  • The more you can do to make yourself visible the better, especially at night or in bad light or in poor weather conditions. Cyclists are hard to see, especially at night amongst other traffic and looking into the sun. Make sure your lights are visible especially the rear lights. A light on your backpack may not be visible as it faces upward when you bend to reach the handlebars. A better spot for rear lights is mounted to the seat post or rear rack, attached to a waist belt or to the rear of the helmet. Five cyclists killed in the last two years were riding in poor light conditions without lights or bright clothing.

Educate and train your children on road safety

  • Supervise your children until they are road ready. Children must be able to stop and know how to cross roads safely before being allowed near the road unsupervised. Three children under 13 years old were killed in the last two years after riding off a footpath or driveway into the path of a car.

Wear your helmet and make sure it fits properly

  • Helmets will not prevent you from crashing but they can help prevent serious head injuries or death. Eight cyclists who died in the past two years were not wearing helmets. In two of these it is clear that a helmet would have lessened the injuries or saved the cyclists life. The Director of Neurosurgery at Austin Repat Hospital said of one of these that it was "highly likely that his injuries would have been lessened if wearing an appropriate helmet"

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