Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cycling Identification Bicycle Vehicles and Cyclists. Purposes of: Cycling Safety Duty of Care Share the Road Rule of Law Due Process Equal Application of the Law Rule of Law IS One Size Fits All Respect of One Person for Another

The purposes of identifying motor vehicles and motorists has parallels with bicycle vehicles and cyclists. 

Road Safety Act 1986 - SECT 5

Purposes of registration
5. Purposes of registration

The purposes of registration are-

   (a)  to ensure that the design, construction 
and equipment of motor
        vehicles and trailers which are used 
on a highway meet safety and
        environmental standards; and

   (b)  to enable the use of motor vehicles 
and trailers on highways to be
        regulated for reasons of safety, 
protection of the environment and law
        enforcement; and

   (c)  to provide a method of establishing 
the identity of each motor vehicle
        or trailer which is used on a highway 
and of the person who is
        responsible for it.

Registering your vehicle makes sure 
it can be identified if it goes missing 
or is in an accident 
and that it meets necessary safety and environmental standards.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

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