Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cycling Identification and Law Enforcement

The maxim being:
"if they were important laws, they'd be enforced"

  • the Sentencing Advisory Council, advises that fear of detection is the most important factor in compliance with road rules and indeed all laws. Range of Reliable Photo ID
Further to this point, a Monash University study on young people’s perceptions of the risks involved in drug driving, found that

·  participants in the study felt they had the ‘tacit approval of society’ 

to break the law 

if it was rarely enforced or not enforced at all.

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  1. "There are certainly some operational issues in trying to stop cyclists because they are quite mobile and police are usually on foot or in a car," Supt Hartley said.

    "You can't identify the cyclist because there are no registration details on them.

    "Most offences a police officer sees wouldn't be stopped or fined because of the factors in trying to stop that cyclist."

    The Sunday Telegraph November 20, 2011