Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cycling Australia Bike Rego

Cycling Australia's Fee for Bike Rego Scheme


Online bike registration has never been easier or more effective. 
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·         STEP 1 - Protect Your Cycling Assets

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Cycling Australia bikeREGO aims to help identify cyclists involved in accidents and to reduce bicycle theft more...
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When registered with Cycling Australia bikeREGO your data is held in our online secure database
Cycling Australia bikeREGO provides various segmented news feeds via Facebook and Twitter more...

More Information
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If you are looking to register your bike or bicycle in Australia then we are the place for bicycle registration in Australia! Bike theft is huge and so bike theft prevention has become a very important aspect of owning and caring for a bicycle. 
Bike crime prevention as far as bike security is now a much stronger and affordable nowadays. We have bicycle security information and bike safety identification strategies so take a look around.newsletter
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