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Cycling Shared Paths Pedestrians want speed humps Leader

Pedestrians want speed humps to slow down cyclists

Beverly Freyer and fellow walkers say cyclists used shared paths as "velodromes". PICTURE: MITCH BEAR
Beverly Freyer and fellow walkers say cyclists used shared paths as "velodromes". PICTURE: MITCH BEAR
FEARFUL pedestrians want speed humps installed on shared paths to slow down “speeding” cyclists.
A group of walkers has mounted a campaign to compel Manningham Council to make shared paths safer for users.
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Lead campaigner Beverly Freyer said pedestrians feared for their lives when walking along shared paths.
“The bike riders treat the path as a velodrome travelling at high speeds and putting pedestrians at risk,” Ms Freyer said.
“We have already suggested that the council put in mini speed humps.”
The concerned pedestrians said the speeding cyclists, whom they dubbed “lycra lunatics”, raced along the paths, didn’t warn pedestrians when they were approaching and shouted abuse. “Signs simply don’t work - we need a more effective solution,” Ms Freyer said.
Bicycle Victoria spokesman Gary Brennan said collisions between bike riders and pedestrians were so rare that nothing would be gained by the suggested measures.
“In fact, creating hazards for bike riders such as speed humps is irresponsible as it will increase the risk of injury to path users,” Mr Brennan said.
Community angst was stirred after a recent incident on a shared path in Doncaster when Aurora Ricciotti suffered severe injuries after being struck by a cyclist.
Mary Norden, of Doncaster, said she first wrote to the council in July 2006 detailing her concerns about the danger speeding cyclists posed on shared paths. “Speed-reducing systems such as humps or a gate in high-risk areas would be a good solution,” Mrs Norden said.
Doncaster resident Peter Langabeer said educating people was the key.
“Both pedestrians and cyclists need to become more aware and more careful,” Mr Langabeer said.
Manningham Council is investigating a number of safety-management actions and will work with VicRoads to improve shared-path safety.
Doncaster state Liberal MP Mary Wooldridge is getting behind the community campaign and people can sign the group’s petition at her office at 2/1020 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East.

"People i.e. pedestrians are part of the environment too. 

Cycling must be people-friendly"  Pete Dowe

Former Roads Minister Tim Pallas told the Victorian Parliament 

"while the risk of a serious injury or fatality is low...

the consequences of a collision involving a cyclist (and pedestrian)

may be severe"

Bicycle paths & shared paths

Rule: A bike rider must give way* to pedestrians when using a shared path and slow down when passing pedestrians and other bike riders.
Tip: Use your bell or your voice to warn others as you are passing them.

give way means the rider must slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision

“cyclists who were travelling faster than 30km/h five times more likely to receive a head injury than slower riders.”

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