Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cycling Shared Paths Shared Responsibilities

VicHealth has recommended "Introducing a culture of "keeping left" on shared footpaths to reduce collisions between cyclists and pedestrians" 

(VicHealth is calling for 12 new measures to make the streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, Herald Sun Oct 16th)

While I support the "keep left" measure it is a one dimensional approach to safety on shared paths.

Road Rule 250. Riding on a footpath or shared path states:

"The rider of a bicycle riding on a footpath or shared path must—
give way to any pedestrian on the footpath or shared path. 

give way means the rider must slow down and, if necessary, stop to
avoid a collision."

Vic Roads and Bicycle Victoria also recommend that cyclists warn pedestrians on approach 
and that cyclists ride at a  maximum speed of 20-25kmh on shared paths.

I would advocate that the consensus on these recommendations be legislated and become law also.

A culture of 20-25kmh max. would not only reduce the severity of any collisions,

but also reduce collisions by making cyclists more able to stop to avoid a collision.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

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