Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Road Rule 250. Riding on a footpath or shared path

(1) The rider of a bicycle who is 12 years old or older must not ride on a footpath.

(2) Subrule (1) does not apply to a rider in the circumstances specified by the

Corporation by notice published in the Government Gazette.

Note Footpath is defined in the dictionary.

(3) The rider of a bicycle riding on a footpath or shared path must—

(a) keep to the left of the footpath or shared path unless it is impracticable
to do so; and

(b) give way to any pedestrian on the footpath or shared path.

Note 1 Pedestrian is defined in rule 18, and shared path is defined in rule 242.

Note 2 For subrule (2), 

give way means the rider must slow down and, 

if necessary, stop to avoid a collision

—see the definition in the dictionary.

Former Victorian Roads Minister Tim Pallas told the Victorian Parliament

"while the risk of a serious injury or fatality is low...the consequences of a collision 

involving a cyclist (and pedestrian) may be severe"

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