Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cycling Footpath Injuries

Pedal Safely

BICYCLE VICTORIA’S website states that “the Ride2School program is a behaviour change program 

which aims to increase the number of students walking and riding to school”
Bicycle Victoria claims (based on a Danish mortality study) that:

“The health benefits of cycling such as a more active lifestyle and better fitness far outweigh the risks of death or injury from crashes. [i]This is especially true for responsible cyclists obeying the road rules...”

Especially? So irresponsible law-breaking cyclists are healthier too?

Bicycle Victoria’s Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria (2002) found that the second highest cause of fatality and serious injury amongst cyclists 

was that almost one in five fatal cycle crashes (16%) involved a cyclist usually young, riding off a footpath or driveway onto the road.

This type of crash also accounts for 18.2% of all cycle crashes.

Yet how often do we see school kids (or adults) do this?

Is bike education penetrating? And are “behaviour change” cycling programs such as Ride2School and Ride2Work really about generational change and/ or behaviour modification?

Bicycle Victoria’s stated purpose is simply to get “more people cycling more often”

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

Mordialloc Chelsea Leader
April 6th 2009

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