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Bike Fall Helmet-less Teenage Boy Nearly Killed. Bike Helmets Vital “Cyclists are much more likely to Die from Bicycle Alone Accidents/ Bike Falls and Riding on the Footpath onto the Road or Crossing than Dooring” Cycling Safety Cycling Safely Cycling Deaths Fatalities Risk Reduction Informed Choice Victoria's Cycling Strategy Focus on Increasing/ Encouraging Cycling Participation may be Negligent Reliable Photo Identification “Cyclists who break the Law are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured” Bicycle Network Victoria

" Around 80% of all cyclist hospitalisations are for crashes 
that do not involve motor vehicles."

"All the cyclists who have a crash ‘all by themselves’, called bicycle alone or single vehicle crashes. 

These account for around 80% of all hospitalisations." 

Bicycle Victoria Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria (2002)

Rain on the parade

THIS heart-warming story of medical teamwork and ingenious improvisation ("Country GP tells how he saved boy with home drill", The Age 20/5) has lost sight of the fact that Nicholas Rossi could've died because of an easily foreseeable, preventable head injury.

In Victoria, 80 per cent of cyclist hospitalisations are caused by cyclists falling off their bike in accidents similar to Nicholas's. The major cause of death to cyclists is head injury.

The legal requirement in Victoria for an approved safety helmet to be worn and securely fitted was not observed in this case, with almost fatal consequences.

It is a myth that all cycling fatalities and serious injuries are caused by motorist wrongdoing.

Killjoy as I may seem, if Nicholas Rossi was 14 I would advocate that he be fined. Better I rain on the parade and kill your spirits than stand back and watch people die in easily preventable ways.

Pete Dowe, road safety advocate, Mentone

The Age

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