Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Speed Camera sites Police may reveal how sites chosen Herald Sun

POLICE are likely to have to reveal exactly why each of more than 2000 mobile speed camera sites were chosen.
Speed camera watchdog Gordon Lewis wants the veil of secrecy lifted because of public concern some cameras are sited for revenue raising, not life saving.

"That information should be readily accessible to the motoring public and there should not only be easy access to the list of current sites, but the reason why the site was chosen should also be clearly identified," he said.

Mr Lewis also wants all motorcycles and scooters fitted with front number plates.

He yesterday recommended the controversial move to the State Government so speeding riders snapped by cameras can be punished.

Mr Lewis revealed about 60 per cent of motorcyclists detected speeding by cameras currently escape fines because they can't be identified without front number plates.
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He told the Herald Sun he was confident the State Government would act on recommendations in his annual report, tabled in State Parliament.

Mr Lewis believes his recommendation to make police publish the reasons for selecting every existing and future mobile speed camera site will help rebut continued assertions they are placed in particular locations as revenue raisers.

He also revealed:

THE accuracy of every fixed EastLink speed camera will be independently checked.

SOME motorists trying to stay under the limit are being booked because they rely on inaccurate technology.

HE wants the police guidelines rewritten to make it clearer to operators where mobile speed cameras can be sited to prevent human errors which recently resulted in a motorist being fined for doing 116km/h when he was going 58km/h.

AN independent consultant will review the fixed speed camera activation and deactivation process so errors like that which this year saw police withdraw 717 EastLink speeding fines never happen again.

Mr Lewis, the first independent road safety camera commissioner, said his own investigations should reassure the public that traffic cameras accurately recorded speed. But the same couldn't be said about all cruise control and GPS systems.

"Motorists are placing too much reliance on these devices," Mr Lewis said.

He said he had received so many complaints from motorists who believed they were wrongly booked by EastLink speed cameras that he has decided to check the accuracy of every one of them during the next few months.

But he said tests he had witnessed on the controversial Wellington Rd bridge cameras persuaded him those fines were correct.

Mr Lewis appealed to motorists with any concerns about any aspect of the speed camera system to write to him at Locked Bag 14, Collins St East, Melbourne, 8003.

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