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Cyclist Creep strikes Elderly woman 88 y.o Kills her while boarding Tram Pedestrian Death Fatality Macarthur St Rear of Victorian State Parliament Melbourne CBD Herald Sun Dec.6th 2011 and VicRoads CrashStats Negligence Cycling and Walking Community Safety 'Making it easier to Ride through Tram Stops' Cycling Safety Cycling Safely “Cyclists are much more likely to Die from Bicycle Alone Accidents/ Bike Falls and Riding on the Footpath onto the Road or Crossing than Dooring” Pete Dowe Cycling Deaths Fatalities Risk Reduction Informed Choice Victoria's Cycling Strategy Focus on Increasing/ Encouraging Cycling Participation may be Negligent“ Cyclists who break the Law are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured” Bicycle Network Victoria "Young people are being killed riding off the footpath onto the road" Bicycle Network Victoria


Dec. 6th 2011

88 y.o Female Died 

Macarthur St, Melbourne CBD

VicRoads CrashStats 

This blog strongly opposes certain reforms

VicRoads is currently considering:

“under one suggested reform,

"PERMITTING cyclists, riding cautiously, to proceed past a stationary tram;"

Herald Sun 12.9.14

Pete Dowe

Road Safety Advocate

An 88 year old female pedestrian was struck and killed by a female cyclist while boarding a Tram in Melbourne at a Tram Stop next to the Rear of State Parliament

Swanston Street tram super stop in Melbourne

Melbourne CBD
Photo ABC TV News

VicRoads Crashstats  

An 88 year old female pedestrian was struck by a female cyclist and later died

while boarding a Tram in Melbourne at a Tram Stop next to the Rear of State Parliament

Witnesses said the woman had only taken one step off the curb at the tram stop in Macarthur St when a female cyclist struck her and knocked her to the ground.

Tram-Stop Cyclist Creeps!


Road Rule: A bike rider must stop before passing the rear
of a stopped tram at a tram stop. 

Once the tram doors are closed and pedestrians 
have crossed between the tram and kerb, 
the rider may then proceed to pass the tram.

"People i.e. pedestrians are part of the environment too. 
Cycling must be people-friendly" 

Pete Dowe

Cyclists Creeps ride through Tram Stop

Hit and Run Tram Stop Cyclist Creep

Elderly woman struck by bike while boarding tram

AN elderly woman has been taken to hospital with serious head injuries after being run over by a cyclist while trying to board a stopped tram in East Melbourne.
Herald Sun Digital Pass
Witnesses said the woman had only taken one step off the curb at the tram stop in Macarthur St when a female cyclist struck her and knocked her to the ground.
Nurse Lisa Corcoran saw the crash unfold shortly before midday and ran to the old woman's help, but said she soon lost consciousness after suffering head injuries.
"The old lady is unfortunately not in good shape, the lady on the bicycle also has some injuries," Ms Corcoran said.
"She was responding when I first got to her, but once I got a doctor she had stopped responding. (She had) head injuries mainly, very severe head injuries.
"She was responding to me, nodding and with a slight moan, but that did not last for very long and then concussion set in."
The cyclist, believed to be a younger woman, appeared to have a dislocated shoulder.
The accident happened just metres from ongoing extensive roadworks at the tram stop next to the rear entrance to Parliament House, where traffic restrictions are currently in place.
An ambulance spokesman said the accident took place at the intersection with St Andrews Place.
- with Jessica Craven

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  • ASH of Gawler S.A.Posted at 6:11 PM December 06, 2011
    Bicycles should not be on the road .
  • Use the bike trank, not the road!! of MelbournePosted at 4:32 PM December 06, 2011
    Cyclists should have to pass a road safety test, just as all other road users do. Anybody can jump on a bicycle and ride on the road, with absolutely no knowledge of the road rules. It's just plain dangerous.
  • guida of the foot pathPosted at 4:03 PM December 06, 2011
    After all the fuss made about motorists not watching out for cyclists, its about time that bicyclists started to be alot more mindfull of the safety of pedestrians. I hope the elderly lady makes a full recovery.
     Elderly woman struck boarding tram

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