Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cycling Road Rules Tram Stop, Footpath, Shared Path Vic Roads

Road Rule: A bike rider must stop before passing the rear of a stopped tram at a tram stop. Once the tram doors are closed and pedestrians have crossed between the tram and kerb, the rider may then proceed to pass the tram.

Bicycle paths & shared paths
Road Rule: A bike rider must give way* to pedestrians when using a shared path and slow down when passing pedestrians and other bike riders.

Tip: Use your bell or your voice to warn others as you are passing them.

*give way means the rider must slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision

Riding on footpaths
Road Rule: The only bike riders who can ride on a footpath are children under the age of 12, adults accompanying children under 12 years, Australia Post workers, and those with a relevant medical certificate.

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