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Cyclists Identification Shadow Roads MinisterTerry Mulder 5th May 2009 Hansard

"There is a system in place at the moment for identification of bicycles." 

“Under a program that was very prominent a number of years ago, people who had purchased a bicycle could go to the local police station and have it engraved."

The bike was given the next number on the sheet. It was a simple process of recording the name and address of the owner of that bicycle in case that bicycle was lost. There is a system in place at the moment for identification of bicycles. 
I understand it is no longer promoted by the government. Government members are out there promoting their $38 billion transport plan. 
I just wonder whether in terms of this particular legislation it would assist to expand that program that already exists, so that people could take their bike to the local police station and have it engraved, so that there is an identification method as we move forward. 
It is certainly worth considering, given this whole issue of identifying the vehicle and the person riding that particular vehicle and bringing them in line with some sort of identification process.
I walk a lot in the morning. I go up around the North Carlton area to the top of Rathdowne Street, then come back down Nicholson Street, which is a very interesting street in that the footpath is a shared pedestrian and bicycle path.
I am concerned that one day there will be a serious collision between a cyclist and a pedestrian in Nicholson Street, because there is nothing to separate pedestrians and cyclists on the footpath.
Cyclists come quickly riding up behind you and do not ring their bells. On the day before yesterday I was just opposite the emergency entrance of St Vincent's Hospital when an elderly lady was walking in the opposite direction. We were both passed by a bike. 
She looked at me and said, 'Isn't it frightening? They are going to hit somebody'. I say to the minister that that section of footpath, which, as I said earlier, is a shared pedestrian and cycling path, should be revamped as a matter of urgency.”
The Hon Terry Mulder MP
Shadow Minister for Roads
May 5th 2009

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