Monday, July 9, 2012

BeachRoadCyclingNoStoppingZones Bike Lights by Pete Dowe to ParliamentRoadSafetyCommittee

Bicycle Victoria hypocritically lobbied to increase the penalty for not having a set of bike lights,

while it continues to oppose the enforcement on the roads of these and other cyclists’ safety regulations.

Bicycle Victoria’s doubletalk and erroneous advocacy punishes cyclists by keeping them in the dark and in harms way.

"Five cyclists killed in the last two years were riding in poor light conditions without lights or bright clothing." 

Bicycle Victoria's Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria (2002)

"We are asking for Police bike patrols across Australia to help us encourage everyone who rides at night to have working lights"

Harry Barber CEO Bicycle Victoria

Really? You could enable Police to enforce the Law, Mr Barber?

That would encourage cyclists.

Indeed the Bicycle Victoria, CEO, Harry Barber, has sought to confuse the issue further of enforcement and cyclists identification Cyclists Identification Terry Mulder  by stating: 

“Better enforcement rather than better identification would solve the problem (of cyclists committing road offences).

Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber 

April 12th 2009

The Bicycle Victoria CEO has never elaborated on his notion of "better enforcement" of cyclists traffic infringements by Victoria Police without compulsory cyclists identification.

Nor has Harry Barber expanded on what he meant by: 

“…proper policing of red light offences was needed” 

Bicycle Victoria, CEO, Harry Barber

(Act on Cycle Hoons) Bayside Leader August 14th 2007 

again this notion of "proper" enforcement without identifiable cyclists nor identifiable bicycle vehicles.

These statements by Harry Barber appear to be just plain double-talk.  

If the Bicycle Victoria CEO, Harry Barber really knows how Victoria Police can enforce the road rules for cyclists "better" with "proper policing" without compulsory cyclists identification, 

why does he not explain this to Victoria Police and the wider community? Pray tell, Mr Barber? We're all ears!

Cyclists don't believe the Road Rules are important, arguing that if they were important laws
they would be enforced!

Instead, Bicycle Victoria wants Police to hand out bike lights to cyclists and ask them to please put them on.

Bicycle Victoria's erroneous advocacy enabling reckless, illegitimate road usage, 

or, any kind of cycling more often, 

makes cyclists the resented, illegitimate, spoilt brats of the roads, 

and keeps them as such.

As a result Bicycle Victoria's erroneous advocacy 

actually punishes more cyclists more often Vigilante Acts Punish Cyclists

by keeping them in the dark and in harm's way Unlit Cyclists Face Greater Injury. The Age  

Cyclists need to be Accountable Herald Sun

There must be public liability issues with the way Bicycle Victoria promotes cycling!

Pete  Dowe
Road Safety Advocate
July 12th 2012

Unlit Cyclists Face Greater Injury The Age

Bike Lights submission by Pete Dowe to Victorian Parliament Road Safety Committee

Bike Lights What to Buy and Why CHOICE Magazine

Bike Lights Alert on Visibility Stonnington Leader

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