Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Ban Racing on Public Roads

I join Sen-Sgt Hans Harms from Moorabbin Police in denouncing the placing of tacks on Beach Road which could’ve killed a cyclist Vigilante Acts Punish Cyclists (This was just tacky, Mordialloc Chelsea Leader March 3rd 2008) Nobody Deserves to get Hit   Robbie McEwen's tweet

So the Hell Ride has improved? Hell Ride Jan 28th 2012 Can it ever be made safe?
Just ask CycleSport Victoria President, Klaus Mueller. In his submission to Coroner Graeme Johnstone, as part of the Inquest into James Gould’s Death, Mr Mueller said “CycleSport Victoria actively dissuades their members from participating in the Hell Ride.” Hell Ride! How can CycleSport Victoria defend it? Hell Ride Weekend Warriors
Mr Mueller added “It is important that all cyclists riding in bunches on public roads...not race, or treat the ride as a race and thus take unnecessary risks.” “The evidence establishes that there can be difficulties, especially for inexperienced cyclists in stopping safely when traffic lights turn red when they are riding in bunches.”
State Coroner Johnstone called the Hell Ride “a recipe for disaster.”
Bicycle Victoria has condemned the Hell Ride* It added that racing on the road is not on. Beach Road is not a velodrome.
Racing on public roads must be banned!

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate
Mordialloc Chelsea Leader
March 31st 2008

* “Talking about the Hell Ride and other regular weekly faster training rides on Beach Rd. Racing on the road is not on, no matter who you are. “ Bicycle Victoria as previously stated on its website

“cyclists who were travelling faster than 30km/h five times more likely to receive a head injury than slower riders.” The Age 27/7/12

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