Monday, November 21, 2011

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"you only have vigilantes where there is an absence of law"
Paul Watson 


Cooperation on the roads, cycling legitimacy and equality, which cyclists say they want, depends on being predictable by being law abiding. The road rules are in effect ‘safety regulations’ of a ‘life and death environment’.

Vigilante acts, ‘taking the law into one’s own hands’ (what a misnomer!) universally occur when the law (the road rules) is not being enforced.

Yet the enforcement of these safety regulations/ road rules for cyclists is touted by the cycling community as unfairly ‘punishing cyclists’

This is nonsense. Vigilante acts punish cyclists! Not law enforcement.

Vigilante acts such as: dooring, placing tacks on Beach Road 'Just plain tacky'  Cyclists put in danger by tacks placed on road motorists driving at bunch cyclists, Bike ride rage taking over  cyclists being kicked, punched or otherwise struck by a bottle or rock, definitely punish cyclists, unfairly. Nobody deserves to get hit Robbie McEwen Robbie McEwen's tweet

Whereas a traffic infringement penalty is an appropriate, just, ‘gentle’* penalty for a traffic infringement, and a cycling safety measure.

Bicycle Victoria has stated that their Review of Cycle Deaths in Victoria (2002) shows that cyclists who break the law are much more likely to be killed and seriously injured. 

Vigilante acts punish cyclists, not law enforcement

* one is handed a piece of paper by the constabulary rather than copping a rock in the head!

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

Nobody Deserves to get Hit Robbie McEwen

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