Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Number Plates to have Road Safety theme Bayside Leader Oct. 17th 2011

I wholeheartedly concur with Premier Baillieu “What better place to reinforce road safety messages than on number plates?”
However I believe a range of road safety messages would be best rather than a 'one size fits all' universal slogan.
In order to service the different road user groups with meaningful road safety messages, a range of slogans such as Speed Kills; Drink Drive Bloody Idiot; Reduce the Risks; Share the Road; Stop, Look, Listen,Think etc would be much more appropriate, effective and interesting.
Varying the messages on number plates would not only spark interest, but most likely spark conversation on road safety, especially between parents and kids.
A 'one size fits all' universal slogan would most likely bore the 'road user marketplace' into tuning out.
From a law enforcement perspective, varied Road Safety messages on Number Plates would provide more precise ID for law enforcement officers. And for eyewitnesses, the particular road safety message could well be a vital detail 'caught at a glance', especially if the eyewitness was not able to identify/ recall the whole 'number' on the number plate.
To reiterate what Premier Baillieu intimated, messages aimed at road users, would be well 'targeted' at the roads coalface serving as a reminder to keep it simple, a back to basics 'brake on lack of restraint'.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

Bayside Leader online

2012 Plates to have safety theme
Georgie Haberfield
Bayside Leader 17/10/2011

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