Sunday, October 23, 2011

BeachRoadCyclingNoStoppingZonesMembers Statement Murray Thompson State MLA for Sandringham May 5th 2011

Cycling: Beach Road

Mr THOMPSON (Sandringham) -- Although the respective authorities are yet to decide on the Beach Road weekend morning clearway for bunch cyclists in the city of Kingston, local road safety advocate Pete Dowe of Mentone argues that if Kingston council decides to grant the clearway, it should be reviewed from year to year based on improvement in compliance with the Code of Conduct for Training Cyclists. 

Interestingly, a Beach Road cyclist spokesman told Stateline on 1 September 2006 that probably 80 to 90 per cent of cyclists who use Beach Road have a very low set of skills. 

Beach Road bunch cycling requires more skill than just riding a bike. Inexperience with bunch cycling contributes to difficulty stopping at traffic signals, difficulty overtaking and non-compliant behaviour on the part of both motorists and cyclists.

Non-compliance recorded over the last 18 months included racing on suburban roads, the running of red lights, 

the takeover of both lanes on Beach Road, the movement contrary to law over the middle line by motor vehicles, poor lighting 
and peloton sizes well over the code of conduct's recommended number of 20.