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BeachRoadCyclingNoStoppingZones Bayside Council meeting Pete Dowe's speech June 22nd 2010

No Stopping Zones

Firstly, a point of rebuttal. It was said by one of the previous speakers that “Beach Road belongs to no one” But you have to be subject to the law. Bicycle Victoria has stated that cyclists who break the law are much more likely to be killed and seriously injured. To not have personal and vehicular cyclist identification is a no brainer.

Here we are again and the arguments for a clearway without cyclist behaviour modification, without bunch cycling reform are just as poor as before.

Moving the parked cars is not backed up by the Crash Stats, nor the Hospital data. So why are we here?

We are here because the Government is feeling ‘perceived pressure’ from Bike lobbies and their memberships, and perhaps Bayside Councillors are feeling pressured in turn by the funding of infrastructure, such as 3 pedestrian crossings, being tied to the granting of No Stopping Zones. If the Bike lobbies don’t get the Clearway, Bayside doesn’t get the infrastructure, or something like that.

Any ‘pressure’ any elected representative may be feeling is I believe perceived rather than actual. For instance, support for ‘any kind of cycling more often’ is soft’ . When I speak to people specifically about the problems on Beach Road, including an elected representative of another place they say “I don’t go to Beach Road anyway” or when I speak to people about cycling generally, their support waters down to “I don’t give a visit to the taxidermist”

In other words, they support any kind of cycling more often because they couldn’t care less, they don’t know much about cycling, they don’t want to know and they couldn’t care less.

It is incomprehensible to grant a clearway without bunch cycling reform. Indeed the proposed 3 pedestrian crossings will be under threat from the Hell Ride in particular in terms of bunch cycling and difficulty stopping.

How can Bicycle Victoria have a grandiose plan for the world’s premier cycling training route when the cyclists need training at bunch cycling?

Marcel Lema (of Beach Road Cyclists) told Stateline “Probably 80 to 90 per cent of cyclists that are on Beach Road have a very low set of skills” That’s 8-9,000 cyclists! Yet Marcel does not advocate behaviour modification, bunch cycling reform, nor law enforcement.

In other words, we should have more than 8-9,000 poorly skilled riders!

I believe the cycling community will do anything to get the Clearway, even reform Bunch cycling.

I urge you Councillors, make them earn it!

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate
June 22nd 2010

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