Saturday, September 17, 2011

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Why is 'participation' in road usage considered to be healthy, and socially desirable?
Behaviour Change is often confused with Behaviour Modification. Behaviour Change programs simply mean swapping one form of transport for another i.e. stepping out of a car straight onto a bike.
Cycling (and Motorcycling) has problems with serious injuries to inexperienced riders who are also neglectful of protective clothing, lights and reflectives, the 30 y.o. plus male returning rider in particular, who often believe they already know how to ride.
Behaviour Change programs create inexperienced, unlawful,'returning' cycling unprepared for the 'life and death road environment' which brings resentment and illegitimacy upon the whole cycling community.
Behaviour Change programs also create the need for remedial Behaviour Modification of cyclist road users. Behaviour Change programs are a change for the worst!

Pete Dowe | Mentone - August 12, 2011, 1:50PM

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