Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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The Traffic Signals can be seen clearly at left of screen

An Update on Beach Road

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  1. “Most rules in the Road Rules apply to bicycle riders in the same way

    as they apply to drivers—

    There are some other rules that are for bicycle riders only,

    or that have exceptions for bicycle riders.”

    Road Rules Victoria 1999

    Victorian Government Gazette

    Road Rule 126. Keeping a safe distance behind vehicles

    A driver must drive a sufficient distance behind a vehicle
    travelling in front of the driver so the driver can,

    if necessary, stop safely to avoid a collision with the vehicle.



    “The evidence establishes that there can be difficulties,

    especially for inexperienced cyclists, in stopping safely

    when traffic lights are red, when they are riding in bunches.”

    CycleSport Victoria and Amy Gillett Foundation submission to Coroner Johnstone’s inquest into the death of James Gould.


    Road Rule 253. Bicycle riders not to cause a traffic hazard

    The rider of a bicycle (or motorist) must not cause a traffic hazard

    by moving into the path of a (cyclist) driver or pedestrian.




    Road Rule 255. Riding too close to the rear of a motor vehicle

    The rider of a bicycle must not ride within 2 metres of the rear of a moving motor vehicle

    continuously for more than 200 metres.

    Note Motor vehicle is defined in the Road Safety Act 1986.


    Pete Dowe
    Road Safety Advocate