Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beach Road Cycling No Stopping Zones Cyclist Runs Red! Mentone LSC “Watch out for the Cyclists!” 10AM 21.2.09

“Watch out for the Cyclists!” This cyclist could’ve easily stopped. The lights change to amber @ 10AM and 43 seconds and go to red 4 seconds later @ 10AM and 47seconds.
In the amber phase, or decision phase, a motor vehicle driver/ bicycle vehicle rider, usually decides whether they can or will stop or whether they can clear the crossing before the lights are red.
When the lights go red this cyclist has crossed the stop line and is just about to enter the crossing.
At 10AM and 48 seconds it is now five seconds since the lights first went amber, and the cyclist has entered the crossing with the Pedestrian about to step out. The Cyclist clears the crossing on red @ 10AM 49 seconds. “Watch out for the Cyclists!”

"There are certainly some operational issues in trying to stop cyclists because they are quite mobile and police are usually on foot or in a car," Supt Hartley said.
"You can't identify the cyclist because there are no registration details on them.
"Most offences a police officer sees wouldn't be stopped or fined because of the factors in trying to stop that cyclist."
The Sunday Telegraph  November 20, 2011

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