Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dopey Drug Driving 'More Bloody Idiots' Sunday Age 8/11/09 Comment

Drink Driving, the good news. Over 90% of Victorian probationary drivers don't drink and drive. This amazing generational change has come about since the 'go with the double o' (zero alcohol content 0.0) campaign started in Victoria circa '84? '85? Drug Driving, the bad news. There are plenty of 'Dopes' among young drivers. Monash University found that young drivers felt it was ok to drive under the influence of recreational drugs. The reasons were (to paraphrase) beer was bad, acid, speed, ecstacy was better. b) they felt they could drive better, even very well on recreational drugs, c) they did not fear detection, d) they deduced that because the law was rarely enforced they had the 'tacit approval' of society to drive on drugs.
Dopey, but true. So we need another campaign targeted at (a) new generation(s)
Pete Dowe Road Safety Advocate | Mentone, Vic - November 08, 2009, 4:18PM

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