Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Cycling is the way of the future.

The latest figures showing bicycle sales outstripping car sales for the ninth consecutive year in 2008 confirm the trend of greater cycling participation into the future.

Unfortunately, the rogue cyclist element gives Cycling a bad name.

The rogues "let the side down."

It is joyous however to see competent, responsible, respectful, legitimate cyclists sharing the road
and showing attention to detail such as:

using hand signals, or walking a bike through a shopping centre,

and stopping behind the stop-line at Traffic Signals, and putting their foot down.

To all those cyclists who do these things. YOU ARE FANTASTIC! We need more like you.

An important part of behaviour modification of the hoons is law enforcement capability.

Cycling is the way of the future. So lets get it right. Make it safer. Give it respect.

Cycling must be regulated.

Pete Dowe,
Road Safety Advocate
Jan 7th 2009

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