Friday, November 20, 2009

Beach Road Bicycle Victoria’s No Stopping Zones advocacy is not a “Vic Roads initiative.”

Bicycle Victoria’s Beach Road No Stopping Zones weekend mornings advocacy is misrepresented by BV’s Garry Brennan as a “Vic Roads initiative.” It is not. (‘Beach Rd car ban opposed’, Mordialloc Chelsea Leader 16/11/09)
It is a Marcel Lema of Beach Road Cyclists proposal picked up by Bicycle Victoria and in breach of due process, has this untimely revisit through BV CEO Harry Barber going over Bayside Council and advocating directly to Minister Pallas. No Stopping Zones is a ‘thin edge of the wedge’ non-cycling-safety-solution, being driven by 'training' bunch cyclists led by Marcel Lema who claim Bayside and Kingston Councils have a duty of care to cyclists on Beach Road, yet Lema and Bicycle Victoria, refuse to modify cycling and bunch cycling behaviour. The hazards to cyclists on Beach Road are caused by cyclist inexperience, and recklessness, not 1%-2% of parked cars. Marcel Lema told ABC’s Stateline “Probably 80 to 90 per cent of cyclists that are on Beach Road (today) have a very low set of skills” 1/9/2006. Bayside and Kingston Councils, cannot possibly provide a safe road cycling environment for cyclists en masse who refuse to assume responsibility for their own safety. Furthermore ‘Share the Road’ in reality means every other road user should get out of the way to accommodate unsafe cycling practise. Bicycle Victoria also plans on closing Beach Road to all but local traffic. 8-9,000 poorly skilled riders taking over Beach Road with an open slather lane to themselves.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

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