Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beach Road Cycling Bicycle Victoria No Stopping Zones advocacy selectively quoting data

It’s time for Bicycle Victoria to stop selectively quoting data.
Beach Rd Car Ban Opposed. Wes Hosking Mordialloc Chelsea Leader 16/11/09
Bicycle Victoria spokesman, Garry Brennan is ‘drawing a really long bow’ to suggest a parallel between BV’s advocacy for the weekend morning clearway for cyclists on Beach Road to the work of Mentone and Mordialloc lifesavers at the beach. There is no parallel. Swimmers lives are genuinely at risk in the Bay and actually saved by the heroic, selfless, acts of lifesavers. Cyclist lives however are not being placed at risk by parked cars, and certainly not by 1%-2% of parking spaces occupied. i.e. A car every 100-200 metres at 6am-10am on Beach Road weekends. Publicly accessible Vic Roads Crash Stats show there have been no fatalities at any time in the past 20 years due to a bicycle collision with a parked car on Beach Road, nor its continuation through the City of Port Phillip. Indeed in the Total of Victoria all day, every day, in the 20 year period from 1989-2008 there have been 4 cyclist fatalities due to collisions with parked cars. The last fatality was in 1996 in City of Melton, with two in 1995 (one in City of Melbourne, and one in the City of Darebin) and one in 1989 (on Ingles St in the City of Port Phillip)

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