Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nobody Deserves To Get Hit Victoria Police Online News Centre Readers Comment by Pete Dowe 7/10/09 Cycling Safety Cycling Safely Victoria's Cycling Strategy Cycling Deaths Fatalities Victoria Bicycle Alone Accidents Bike Falls Risk Reduction Informed Choice Focus on Increasing/ Encouraging Cycling Participation may be Negligent Public Liability Community Safety “Cyclists are much more likely to Die from Bicycle Alone Accidents/ Bike Falls and Riding on the Footpath onto the Road or Crossing than Dooring” Negligence “Cyclists who break the Law are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured” Bicycle Network Victoria "Young people are being killed riding off the footpath onto the road" Bicycle Network Victoria

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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 15:59

Intentional life-threatening behaviour is unacceptable.
I fully endorse, and accept as genuine, Magda’s apology “I do not and never would ever seriously suggest hurting a cyclist.”

Champion cyclist Robbie McEwen however must also explain his inflammatory retort to Magda

“you deserve to get hit crossing the road”

(Twitter 30/9/2009).

Nobody deserves to get hit, especially on a crossing.

Many riders speak of the myth of ‘drivers versus cyclists’ when they are also motorists.

Mr McEwen’s remarks seem to perpetuate the myth of ‘cyclists versus everyone’.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

Magda's Biker skit: Robbie McEwen must explain “you deserve to get hit crossing the road” (Twitter 30/9) .AdelaideNow Comments 3/10/09,22638,26152475-31624,00.html

Magda Subanski or w/ever ur name is - ur an idiot(+other cow) . you deserve to get hit crossing the road. You imbecile!
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2:11 AM - 30 Sep 09
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