Monday, September 14, 2009

Dangerous Riding Laws: Roads Minister Pallas' Reasons Hansard 2/4/09

“The bill also provides that cyclists can be charged with serious traffic offences similar to those that apply to drivers of motor vehicles. While the risk of a serious injury or fatality as a result of careless or dangerous riding by a cyclist is low, recent incidents are a reminder that the consequences of a collision involving a cyclist may be severe. The serious traffic offences involved are: careless driving; dangerous driving; and failing to stop, render assistance, exchange details or report to police following an accident. The offences will apply to all drivers of non-motorised vehicles, not just cyclists, to ensure parity and equity. The penalties for these offences will be approximately half the penalty applying to corresponding offences for drivers of motor vehicles.
This recognises that drivers of motor vehicles can cause significantly more damage to persons and property. “
Excerpt 2nd Reading Speech Road Legislation Amendment Bill
Roads Minister Pallas
Victorian Parliament Hansard April 2nd 2009

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