Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Saturday, September 12, 2009
Bicycle Identification
According to Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber, a registration fee for cyclists would tax sustainable transport (Sunday Age, 12/4)

The fact is Bicycle registration is already free.
Victoria Police engrave bicycles without charge as a means to identify and return stolen bikes.
Your Driver’s Licence is simply engraved on your bicycle. Thus making use of the existing Vic Roads database for ID.
Kids can also use their parents’ Drivers Licence number.;">
Mr Barber said “Better enforcement rather than better identification would solve the problem.(of rogue cyclist impunity)”

Yet the Police submission to Coroner Johnstone in his Inquest into the Death of James Gould (an elderly pedestrian killed by a member of the Hell Ride) stated “Difficulties inherent in policing…the “Hell Ride”
:the cyclists do not carry identification…
:there is no requirement for registration of bicycles which would provide a means of identification”

One wonders exactly what this “better enforcement” without better identification is which BV Chief Harry Barber speaks of?

To summarise the purposes of registration (motor vehicle) Road Safety Act 1986:
a) to regulate vehicles for roadworthiness
b) to regulate road usage for safety
c) and to identify each vehicle and the person responsible for it.

41% of Melbourne riders do not have the legally required set of lights at night.
Current remedial action consists of giving cyclists lights and/ or asking them to please put lights on their bike.

Victoria Police acknowledge that all Road Users are emboldened to break the law when they donĂ¯¿½t believe it will be enforced.

Conversely all Road Users are safer when they obey the law.

Effective Law Enforcement capability, therefore, would also be a vitally important Road Safety measure for all.

Bicycle registration, is free and is a vital cycling safety measure. It is not, and never would be, a “tax”

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