Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fit to Ride before one rides for health and fitness

The notion of jump on a bike "go for a ride and increase your fitness levels" needs to be balanced with a mindset which assumes the responsibilities of being a road user doing preparation i.e. Having the legally required safety equipment, learning the road rules and practicing control of one’s bicycle vehicle before one rides on the road.

80% of cyclist hospitalizations come from 'bicycle alone' accidents where cyclists have fallen off their own bike, with no motor vehicle involved. Furthermore, the extent of 'off road' 'bicycle alone' accidents on bike paths and shared paths is unclear as they are not recorded by Police.

Cyclists can also be fatally injured from falling off their bike, as 2 Victorians were in 2006, yet surprisingly there is a push from some sections of the Cycling community to do away with Victoria's compulsory bike helmet law.

One must be Fit to Ride before one rides for health and fitness, and that includes a healthy mindset that sees a Cyclist’s duty of care for his/ her own safety as well as that of others.

Bicycle Street Smarts (USA)

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