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Community Safety Vigilantism The Rise of. Victoria Police moves to take police from the beat The Age May 27th 2014

According to the NSW Rape Crisis centre, only 1% of sexual assaults 

are committed by strangers.


Lay moves to take police from the beat

May 27, 2014
Henrietta Cook and Nino Bucci
'Modernised' police force to tackle new challenges
Future Victoria Police force could see fewer blue shirts on the streets, says Chief commissioner Ken Lay as he outlines a new model focusing on crime prevention.
The state's top cop wants to cut the number of police officers on the beat as part of a radical overhaul of Victoria Police.
Under the plan, police would move from local stations and crime would increasingly be tackled through specialist taskforces.
Chief Commissioner Ken Lay recently revealed explosive details of his new ''blue paper'' at a Rotary Club dinner in Wangaratta, warning that the number of front-line officers in the regional city could be halved over the next decade.
Police Commissioner Ken Lay.
Victorian Police Commissioner Ken Lay. Photo: Justin McManus
''Don't expect that in 10 years' time that you'll see 60 uniform people in Wangaratta - you won't,'' he said at the event on May 15.
''You might only see 30 people, but you'll see taskforces, you'll see lawyers, you'll see financial analysts, you'll see chemists, you'll see the people who can actually help us do the really, really difficult policing.''
A day before the event, Mr Lay told a parliamentary budget hearing the organisation was moving police away from stations. He said putting additional officers into police stations did not always curb crime.
''Four or five years ago when we actually put the additional police into police stations we found that we were starting to lose control of things like deceptions, the ice, the family violence issue,'' he said.
''So the decision was made to not put these as people driving divisional vans but to use a model … [that] could address these very difficult and complex issues, which often required us to put police at the regional level or at the divisional level.''
The Chief Commissioner's comments put him on a collision course with the Police Association, which recently called on the state government to recruit an extra 1700 front-line officers. Recent figures have shown a drop in officers working at some Victorian stations.
Police Association secretary Ron Iddles said front-line officers had to take priority. ''If you don't have the foundations right, you're going to get cracks in the wall,'' Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles said. ''Serving the community has to come first.''
He said Mr Lay had committed five more officers to Geelong, after a union rally by off-duty police in the city last week. The union had argued that front-line officer numbers in Geelong were grossly inadequate.
Opposition police spokesman Wade Noonan said the Chief Commissioner seemed keen to ''move away from the failed law and order policies of the Napthine government''.
A spokeswoman for Police Minister Kim Wells pointed to a statement from the minister last week that said the Chief Commissioner was responsible for making decisions on the allocation of additional officers. He said the government was on track to meet its election promise of an extra 1700 front-line police officers by November.
Poll: Do you agree with Ken Lay's plan to put police resources into taskforces rather than traditional beats?
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Community Safety CCTV Vigilantism, Hyper-vigilance, Hyper-vigilantes and Intimidation Cr Sue Bolton Moreland City Council Green Left Weekly 16.3.2013

"It is likely that CCTV cameras will be used to harass people over petty issues, 
just like the Protective Services Officers have increased the harassment 
of homeless and mentally ill people over petty issues at train stations." 

"(Moreland City Council) Cr Sue Bolton tried to propose alternatives for safer streets, such as a community bus funded by council with contributions from late night venues. Such buses are funded by clubs andcasinos in NSW and Queensland because of drink driving laws."

Cr Sue Bolton Moreland City Council

I prioritise proactive community safety measures such as public lighting over CCTV.

However I support CCTV for the often crucial evidence it provides 

which may aid a prosecution.

We must not forget that community safety also means penalising serious wrongdoing.

Pete Dowe

Greens councillor Samantha Ratnam tried to amend the motion so that community consultation would be held before CCTV was installed. The amendment was lost on the casting vote of the mayor.
Bolton was the only councillor to vote against the substantive motion for a roll-out of CCTV cameras.
Moreland council has delayed discussion on other safety measures such as improved street lighting, programs to address family violence, education campaigns about gendered violence and better late-night transport.
Bolton tried to propose alternatives for safer streets, such as a community bus funded by council with contributions from late night venues. Such buses are funded by clubs andcasinos in NSW and Queensland because of drink driving laws.
Two ways to ensure safer streets at night are better street and bike path lighting and accessible public transport. Tackling rape culture through education is also important.
Bolton said CCTV cameras may document crime but they would not prevent crime.
Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Sydney Institute of Criminology says if there is a link between crime prevention and CCTV cameras, it is likely that it only displaces crime to other areas, rather than prevents it.
At a Brunswick community meeting of about 100 residents in November, the only person to advocate CCTV cameras was Moreland Mayor Oscar Yildiz. Even the police spokesperson at the meeting said more CCTV cameras were not the answer because the main cause of violent crime was family violence.
Bolton said: “Immediately after the tragic murder of … Jill Meagher, the state government tried to take advantage of the tragedy by turning the tragedy into a law and order issue.
“This is hypocritical when services dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence are underfunded by both state and federal governments.
“A special curriculum has been developed for schools, which deals with the culture [that] produces anti-woman violence. The state government refuses to fund this curriculum to be provided in schools.
“If the council and the state government seriously believe that CCTV cameras reduce crime, they would be proposing to put CCTV cameras in individual houses given that family violence is the most prevalent violence.
“But they’re not proposing that so their only reason for promoting CCTV cameras is as a Big Brother measure to snoop on the public.

It is likely that CCTV cameras will be used to harass people over petty issues, just like the Protective Services Officers have increased the harassment of homeless and mentally ill people over petty issues at train stations.
“CCTV cameras will not make our streets safer.”
[Green Left Weekly, March 16, 2013.]

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Community Safety Vigilantism The Rise of. Not the man to lead the Jill Meagher march, in my opinion Herald Sun 21.10.12

Vigilantes, Hyper-vigilantes..."Give 'em enough Rope?"

Pete Dowe

How come the Jill Meagher marchers did not march to the police station that ignored the first reported harassment?
Who was it that said “prevention is better than cure”?

Andrew Bolt


Yes, a lovely gesture: 
Tens of thousands of people have RALLIED in inner Melbourne to mourn Jill Meagher, grieving her horrific death, and urging harmony and an end to violence in the community…

But that’s Philip Werner, as in the professional photographer of whose bondage pictures, severalgraphic, I dare show only the most “demure”:
The model in one picture even looks like a bound woman dug out from the earth, perhaps a grave. And the sentiments expressed are a bit ... off:
I don’t think Werner was an appropriate person to lead this march. Not for those of us who worry about the role pornography and the aggressive objectification of WOMEN play in sexual assaults.
(THANKS to reader R.)
Werner responds:

Hi Andrew,

Philip Werner here about whom you wrote this.I just read your blog post and I wonder if you read this one of mine? It explains where I’m coming from and what my motivations are.

All the WOMEN I have ever photographed in the Shibari bondage work have been friends and have done so willingly. Adults should be allowed to express their sensuality and sexuality without judgement so long as no one is hurt.

For you to compare one of my clay photos to a woman having been dug out of a grave is incredibly offensive and insensitive in this situation. Honestly I think that will offend more people than my photos will.I really have the sense that your intention is to incite strong reactions and divide people, rather than contribute to a peaceful and just society for which the march was intended.

I totally respect your right to try and expose people who in your view are doing the wrong thing, but a little more research, and perhaps a conversation with me might have been in order before assassinating my character.

Kind regards,



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Inappropriate to put it mildly.
I guess the only thing worse would be the Sex Party leading the march.
deric d (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (08:08pm)

Andrew, you have a problem with WOMEN willingly putting themselves forward for shoots?
Sorry I am unsure what the exact issue is…
Craigb of Melbourne (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (08:18pm)

Well spotted Andrew and well called.
It takes a brave person with a clearly defined ideological perspective to point out publicly a glaring hypocricy when everyone else is busy being caught up in the moment.
Werner is no person to be leading this march. He should instead take this moment to apologise for his eroticism of torture and shift to other subjects.
That is if he is truly shocked at what happened to Jill and not just “seeming” to be.... any decent man would, when faced with the reality.
J.H. (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (08:23pm)

I suppose you would have preferred your mate Alan Jones leading the march.
Peak Warming Man of Brisbane (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (09:22pm)

Sure, but what about the sexualisation of very young girls?
One of the pics on that site shows a mature female (30’s?) totally SHAVED. That is, looking like a pre-pubescent girl.
This is wrong, very wrong.
For grown women to want to look like 12yo’s is SENDING out a very sick message.
More so than a bit of bondage.
Joel B1 of Hobart (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (09:22pm)

Very creepy. Very odd.
Scratchpole of Perth (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (09:27pm)

The hypocrites always seem to make their way to the front of the cause....
Andrew of Morayfield (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (09:29pm)

Something very disturbing in this.
Leonie of East Gippsland (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (09:52pm)

I’ll just take the opportunity to say something you have no doubt heard countless times before: you are truly deispicable human being who will stoop to breathtaking lows in order to push your warped agenda.
Thunderoad (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (09:58pm)

I feel desperately sad for Jill Meagher’s husband and family, for their loss, and the way it happened. However, the response from the local trendy community, the ABC and the lefty mob is exactly what I thought would happen. Finally one of their “own” has been attacked and killed.
So instead of always bleating about society judging too harshly, the criminals who have had a poor upbringing, a hard life, been misunderstood and need to have society’s sympathy, suddenly the shoe is on the other foot.
It has happened to one of “them”. Different story now isn’t it?
And to see the leader of the campaign is someone who makes his living out of denigration and humiliation of women in his photography tops it off. What is it they don’t get? Why don’t they take responsibility for their own MONEY MAKING behaviour, that provokes the mind set that caused Jill’s rape and death?
Makes me positively ill.
Titch (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (10:13pm)

Grow up you old wowser. What did you do to protest the violence on WOMEN.
Big Ted (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (10:34pm)

Andrew was this really necessary - what is the point? The only post you can make about this impressive display of community spirit (or “nice gesture” as you condescendingly refer) is to point out something distasteful about the organiser.
Jacci of Armadale (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (10:50pm)

Someone organised the march. People came. The march took place. OK. Then along comes AB with his angst-ridden post hoc hand-wringing about the character of the person(s) who organised the march. Bondage, straps and whips? 
Ah for the perspective of the Addams family!
Gomez: [as he helps Morticia out of a trap] Leather straps, red-hot POKERS!
Morticia: Later, my dearest. 
gkkk (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (11:29pm)

A letter to the papers tomorrow:-
How come the Jill Meagher marchers did not march to the police station that ignored the first reported harassment?
Who was it that said “prevention is better than cure”?
NevilleW (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (11:36pm)

Wow, what a revelation. Abominable in my opinion. What bitter irony.  If only all those women behind him knew of his talents.
Mary (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (11:48pm)

Given the events of the past week i should have thought that people like Werner would be keeping there heads down,obviously some people think that anything goes when its art!i wonder if the people who marched knew about these degrading pictures, he might well have found himself on the other end of the publics response .Peter. Adelaide.
peter of adelaide (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (11:53pm)

140 years ago the GREAT Russian novelist Tolstoy foresaw that the art and literature of the future godless society that we inhabit would be reduced to studies on the themes of sex and ennui. Werner’s artistic pornography is the terminus of that line of expression. He was most definitely not the man to lead that march.
Anthony of Toowoomba QLD (Reply)
Mon 01 Oct 12 (11:56pm)

Well, that’s just plain weird.
John of Vic (Reply)
Tue 02 Oct 12 (01:04am)

I just surfed the first six pages of his blog. I saw the one post that other than full frontal stuff which would make it inappropriate to show here i thought was pretty tame.
Nothing that i thought should preclude him from feeling the same indignation and sadness for Jill and her family that the rest of us felt.
Perhaps you saw something i didn’t i read something i missed.
Chris F of Melbourne (Reply)
Tue 02 Oct 12 (01:52am)

I saw the front page of Sun today and looked at the signs the people were holding, and I thought as soon as I saw the man on the right, this man is grandstanding for himself.
Brendan87 (Reply)
Tue 02 Oct 12 (02:40am)

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